Businesses can help by planting vegetables and crops. businesses can recycle to help the climate by reducing trash . I think businesses should give all their workers free Teslas to drive.  This would use way less gas and cause less pollution.  It would also save people money. Businesses could also reduce plastic use and do […]

100WC #10

This picture makes me feel sad.  Because the smoke and pollution is killing things in the earth.  It can kill animals and make holes in the earth like the ozone.  It makes the air dirty and it causes people to get sick and cough.  It makes the air stinky and dark.  Theres no clean clouds. […]

Week # 9

So I was getting ready for school and we realized the time so we needed to hurry but we all saw a urgent news report on the tv. Its reporting a car industry had a explosion and the factory had to evacuate I was afraid because the tv was red. I was why did it […]

Week #8

My mom always says, “why didn’t you turn off the lights?” I say I forgot sorry mom I didn’t think about it . Ya it doesnt seem like leaving the lights on is a big deal.  But mom says it makes the electric bill go up. She always tells us when she was a kid […]

Week #4

I have never seen this river bed so dry and it makes me sad because I love to fish. Ever since I was a little kid my dad has taken me fishing. My dad even bought me a rod and real that was just my size. I really liked it but then I threw it […]

Week #3

It was a Wednesday afternoon and i went to a store and so i walked in and i saw a bucket that had a pile of bones in it. I said to myself this is new so i asked the cashier were did he get it. And he said it was from underground that we […]