One day I was at my house and I found my sister’s barbie toy iron.  It was in her barbie house.  I took it out and left it on the floor.  All the sudden I saw Ant Man in the barbie house fighting an evil barbie.  He yelled at me to throw him the iron so he can blow it up into a huge iron. So I did and all the sudden it enlarged and burst out of the house through the roof!  When it grew it smashed the evil Barbie and Ant man was saved!  Im sure glad I found that toy iron!

2 thoughts on “Week#30

  1. Hi, Cayden, Kayla here from Mil lel primary. great piece! I like that it is action-packed and keeps you on the edge of your seat. I would have enjoyed it more if the story included more detail as such as your sister’s name, but the way you did this one leaves room for the readers imagination to sneak in.

    Overall, great piece, Kayla.

  2. Hello Cayden
    I liked your story. I liked the part where you helped ant man.
    I have two questions though. Why was the Barbie evil and is ant man your favourite superhero?
    From Luke

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