Week #25

I got home from school yesterday and I started playing basketball on my mini hoop.    I started shooting and it was going good.  But then I had a really close call and almost hit a very expensive painting.  Then, I wanted to make a shot from far away so I went to the kitchen that was far away from the hoop.  Then mom came home.  I threw it and it hit the painting and made a BIG HOLE!!!! My mom was like what was THAT!! she came over and I was like but mom I didn’t mean to hit it that hard.

2 thoughts on “Week #25

  1. Hi Cayden! I really liked your peice. One thing I really liked was how you put a lot of detail in the story. It made me really visualize the scene. Your story really reminded me about me and my mom babysat these boys and they would play basketball in the house and sometimes they would knock things over all over the house. Lastly, something I would suggest would be to underline or bold the prompt, and use quotes for diolog for when you and your mom talk and dont say “like” in your story.
    Happy reading -Abby, Richmond in Illinois.

  2. Hello Cayden,
    Shooting baskets can be fun but it seems you didn’t know your own strength. I hope your mom was understanding.
    Keep writing and sharing your creative stories.
    Ross Mannell (Team 100WC)
    Teacher (retired), N.S.W., Australia

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