Its not like last year, he thought.  Last year was awful and crazy because the pandemic messed everything up!  All the businesses were closed and we could not do anything fun! We had to have school cohorts and could not be with friends.  School was boring because all our friends were at home.  We had to wear masks everywhere.  The only good thing is we got to sleep in more and could stay up later.  But this school  year was better.  At least I get to be with friends.  I still have to wear a mask sometimes and quarantine, but its better!

2 thoughts on “Week#16

  1. Greetings from Australia Camden. Congratulations on your response to this week’s challenge. I like that you used the prompt to reflect on last year, and the effect the pandemic had on school life. Being with friends is a very important part of school life. I also like that you presented a balanced view by including the advantages of being at home too. I always appreciate good punctuation. Thank you. 🙏😊🌻

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